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Big Truck Accidents Can Cause Injury or Death

Posted by: Admin on October 12, 2016

Big trucks cause big accidents for motorists—and even pedestrians. Official statistics show that one out of every eight automobile accident fatalities involve large trucks, and every 16 minutes, a crash or collision involving a big truck occurs. In most big truck accidents, liable parties that can be sued may include the driver of the truck, the commercial vehicle owner, the owner of the freight, the employer of the driver, the manufacturer of the truck cab, trailer or other truck equipment, and even third-party maintenance companies.   

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How to Determine Fault in Trucking Crashes

Posted by: Admin on May 15, 2015

The process for determining fault in crashes involving a commercial truck can be complex. Crashes involving commercial trucks often have a number of contributing factors such as driver error, weather, roadway conditions, and vehicle malfunctions which may complicate the liability determination. A thorough investigation that takes into account all these factors, as well as statements of witnesses and reports made by the highway patrol or local police must be conducted to determine which driver was at fault. Ultimately, the driver or drivers who are determined to be at fault for causing the accident will be responsible for compensating any person who was injured or killed in the accident.

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Auto Insurers Play Hard Ball And Injured Parties Get Caught Looking

Posted by: Admin on April 18, 2014

While the automobile insurance companies flood the airwaves with clever commercials and catchy jingles about their low rates, accessibility, and commitment to “being there” for their customers, the reality is a much less personal, more anonymous, and an entirely bottom-line profit-maximizing business model, when it comes to claims adjusting, that far too often boils claim evaluation down...

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Pitfalls to Getting Your Hospital Bills Paid After an Automobile Accident

Posted by: Admin on December 2, 2013

Following an automobile accident, you or a loved one are typically taken or go to an emergency room. The hospital is willing to treat you but wants to get paid as much as it can for the bill. Even though someone else caused your accident and should be responsible for your bills, rest assured that the...

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The Danger of Daytime Drowsiness

Posted by: Admin on November 26, 2013

In a recent blog, we discussed changes to the numbers of hours a truck driver is allowed to operate a vehicle. Those changes, finalized in July of this year by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), are intended to reduce truck accidents caused by fatigue. Across the United States, the trucking industry is responsible…

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Take a Tip: Winter Weather on the Way

Posted by: Admin on November 19, 2013

Summer is long gone and winter is on the way. Too soon rain and snow will turn dry pavement dangerous and lead to the possibility of fender benders — or worse — on slippery roads. As temperatures cool, consider these tips for staying safe on Ohio roads this winter: Check the tires: Your tires are...

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On the Clock: Truck Accidents and Hours of Service

Posted by: Admin on August 13, 2013

The trucking industry provides valuable service in this country, moving goods from shore to shore. Along the way, accidents occur. Because of the size and speed of a tractor trailer, collisions between a truck and a car often result in catastrophic injury or death. In Ohio alone, there were 9,319 truck crashes in 2011...

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