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Restaurant Liability for Foreign Objects Found in Food

Posted by: Admin on October 15, 2014

Persons injured by foreign objects in food may be entitled to assert legal claims and seek damages from any entity whose oversight allowed the foreign object to be undetected prior to sale or service of food. In some circumstances, the food’s seller can be held liable for the consumer’s damages. Depending upon the facts of the case, tort claims against the manufacturer, preparer or seller of the food product. If there is evidence of an intentional alteration of the food with a foreign object, then the victim may also be able to assert additional claims.

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Auto Insurers Play Hard Ball And Injured Parties Get Caught Looking

Posted by: Admin on April 18, 2014

While the automobile insurance companies flood the airwaves with clever commercials and catchy jingles about their low rates, accessibility, and commitment to “being there” for their customers, the reality is a much less personal, more anonymous, and an entirely bottom-line profit-maximizing business model, when it comes to claims adjusting, that far too often boils claim evaluation down...

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Ohio Medical Malpractice – Apology Statute

Posted by: Admin on April 29, 2013

In 2004, Ohio enacted a controversial Apology Statute with a stated purpose of improving the physician/patient relationship when medical errors take place. The statute permits a health care professional to apologize to a patient when a medical error occurs in the care of a patient or a procedure leads to an undesirable result. The apology (according to the statute) cannot later be used against…

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Which Insurance Coverage Pays the Medical Bills After an Injury

Posted by: Admin on December 4, 2012

Personal injury is the frequent and unfortunate result of many accidents. Immediate medical treatment of your injuries is imperative. Yet, the ensuring feud between your insurer and the liable party’s insurer does not really aid your recovery – and it’s certainly not getting your medical bills paid. The skilled litigators at Nager, Romaine & Schneiberg…

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US Supreme Court To Determine The Legality Of Consumers Reselling Their Goods

Posted by: Admin on October 30, 2012

The US Supreme Court is considering a copyright case which may have a far reaching effect on a consumer’s right to resell their own property. Today, many consumers resell their property (i.e., cell phones, video games, game systems, cars, text books, etc.) on various internet sites like Ebay & Craig’s List. This is especially true of technology gadgets which change…

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Consumer Rights & Binding Arbitration Agreements

Posted by: Admin on October 22, 2012

Good article from Plain Dealer this past weekend discussing how many companies are forcing clauses into consumer contracts that bar consumers from taking their legitimate claims to court. Instead, these issues are forced into binding arbitration forums where the consumer has no chance. The right to trial by jury is the MOST UNDER APPRECIATED right…

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