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Football Season is Concussion Season

Posted by: Admin on August 25, 2016

All team sports carry some risk of injury. Yet American football is certainly among the most injury-prone sport played here in the U.S. Each year, countless football injuries – from knee and ankle injuries to shoulder separations, lacerations, contusions and more – occur on high school and college football fields. Yet head injuries, including concussions, have drawn the most attention lately—and for good reason.

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Concussion Victims May Be Eligible for Compensation

Posted by: Admin on June 7, 2016

Traumatic head and brain injuries can occur as a result of many different types of accidents, such as car crashes, sports injuries, work injuries, and slip and fall accidents. http://www.nrsinjurylaw.com/attorneysIf they are not properly treated, the condition can become more severe with time and cause serious, life-changing problems.

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Recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury caused by a Motor Vehicle Accident

Posted by: Admin on April 22, 2015

Every year, 2.4 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Of these injuries, over 17% are caused by automobile accidents according to the CDC. However, evidence of TBI is not always immediately apparent.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries in Teenagers

Posted by: Admin on February 26, 2015

Traumatic brain injury has been defined as a physiological disruption of brain function resulting from trauma both external (an object striking the head or the head striking an object) and/or internal (the rapid acceleration/deceleration of the brain within the skullcap). The causes of brain injury in teenagers differ from both pediatric and adult brain injury.

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Bicycle Rules of the Road

Posted by: Admin on September 29, 2014

As bicycling becomes more popular in Cleveland, it makes sense to understand the rules of the road and your responsibilities as you bike around town. 

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Concussion Lawsuits Against the National Hockey League

Posted by: Admin on May 28, 2014

In 2012, retired football players filed a lawsuit against the National Football League (NFL) alleging that the organization concealed risks of brain injury. The players argue that the league did not do enough to protect them from concussions sustained during thousands of tackles. Plaintiffs have also placed fault on the football helmet manufacturer Riddell for…

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The Clock is Ticking: Sports and CTE

Posted by: Admin on May 20, 2014

Evidence is growing that any hit to the head — from a car accident or a sports injury — can prove devastating in later life. In autumn of 2013, the National Football League (NFL) settled a class action suit brought by players who alleged the league knew far more than it shared about the neurological…

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Concussions – A Parent’s Perspective

Posted by: Admin on February 20, 2014

My son Kyle started ice skating when he was about three years old and started playing hockey when he was four. At that age, there is no hitting or checking its just kids having fun skating around and harmlessly falling on the ice. As he got older, and his hockey skills got better he began…

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Another Article that Highlights How Motorcycle Helmets Save Lives

Posted by: Admin on February 4, 2014

A video of an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper in New Jasper running into a couple on a motorcycle has gone viral. In the incident that took place August 17, 2013, on U.S. Route 35, the officer appears not to have seen the couple until moments before impact. He doesn’t seem to swerve, brake or…

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Those Three Pounds Between Your Ears

Posted by: Admin on August 20, 2013

The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) initiative was announced in April of this year by President Obama as part of his strategy to create 21st Century Grand Challenges that stimulate the economy and our understanding of our world. Working through a wide coalition of research and funding partners, the BRAIN initiative proposes to...

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