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Workers’ Compensation Court Appeals

Posted by: Admin on November 8, 2013

Most issues in a workers’ compensation claim are decided at the Industrial Commission of Ohio in front of a single hearing officer. These hearings are informal and brief. However, many issues in a workers’ compensation case can be appealed into the County Courts of Common Pleas and be set for trial in front of a...

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Steps To Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim

Posted by: Admin on October 30, 2013

A work injury can affect every aspect of your life. Following these tips may give your claim a greater chance of being accepted, which means quicker treatment approval and quicker healing. When you are injured at work, your first action is to report the injury to someone. The best method is a written record but…

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Understanding The Workers’ Compensation Hearing Process

Posted by: Admin on October 23, 2013

The Industrial Commission hearing process is fairly simple. Whenever thereis an issue in dispute in a Workers’ Compensation claim that issue will beaddressed at a hearing before an Industrial Commission hearing officer. Thedisputed issue whether it be the allowance of the claim, or any other issuewithin the claim, will first be addressed by a District...

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