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Medical Device used in Hysterectomies and Fibroid Removal Shown to Cause Increased Cancer Risk

Posted by: Admin on December 10, 2014

Laparoscopic Power Morcellators found to increase risk of cancer when used in fibroid removal and hysterectomy procedures.

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Electronic Health Records Provide Opportunity for Error

Posted by: Admin on May 6, 2014

In Ohio and throughout the United States, the digitization of health records is underway. While electronic recordkeeping has advantages, recent reports highlight the need for more vigilance when it comes to the potential for errors. For many healthcare practitioners, migrating patient medical information to electronic health records (EHRs) is a costly but necessary measure. Some...

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Ohio Woman Loses Arm Because of Misdiagnosis

Posted by: Admin on March 11, 2014

Ohio University has settled a medical malpractice lawsuit filed by a former student who lost her arm due to flesh-eating bacteria. The victim accused the University of misdiagnosing her illness, leading to its progression and the eventual amputation of her right arm, shoulder and shoulder blade. She was awarded $250,000 in the August 2013 settlement…

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Study on Dangerous Drugs Prescribed for the Elderly: ‘Geography is Destiny’

Posted by: Admin on September 3, 2013

With age comes physical decline. By age 65, many Americans have one or more prescriptions. A recent study poses serious questions about the safety of medications prescribed to elderly Americans. In April of this year, Brown University released a study of more than six million Medicare patients that made significant points about medication practices for...

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Reason for Alarm: When Healthcare Providers are Fatigued by Medical Alerts

Posted by: Admin on August 6, 2013

A recent study by the Joint Commission raises an alarm about death and injury resulting from alarm fatigue experienced by those caring for critically ill patients. The Joint Commission is a non-profit healthcare accreditation agency with a mandate to improve public health care. A recent report calls for leadership and development of guidelines in the…

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Meningitis Outbreak: Ongoing Damage from Contaminated Steroids

Posted by: Admin on July 23, 2013

Last year healthcare investigators became concerned about an apparent outbreak of spinal meningitis. The cause of the outbreak was tied to contaminated steroids produced by the New England Compounding Center, a now-defunct Massachusetts business (NECC). The damage and heartbreak of the toxic injections received by patients throughout the United State continues today. Across the country,…

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Cap on Damages in Ohio Medical Malpractice Actions

Posted by: Admin on May 14, 2013

In some states, a limit has been placed on the amount of damages that can be awarded in medical malpractice actions. These limits, or caps, on damages are part of tort reform. The hope is to keep medical malpractice insurance premiums lower. Ohio is one of those states. As of April 11, 2003, Ohio law…

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First Jury Verdict Entered in DePuy Artificial Hip Cases

Posted by: Admin on May 7, 2013

Much litigation has arisen out of the DePuy ASR™ Hip System, a cup-and-ball hip replacement system made of metal. The manufacturers had issued a voluntary recall of the parts in August 2010, and the litigation followed. In fact, thousands of individual cases against Johnson & Johnson, whose DePuy orthopedic unit manufactured the hip replacement system,…

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Ohio Medical Malpractice – Apology Statute

Posted by: Admin on April 29, 2013

In 2004, Ohio enacted a controversial Apology Statute with a stated purpose of improving the physician/patient relationship when medical errors take place. The statute permits a health care professional to apologize to a patient when a medical error occurs in the care of a patient or a procedure leads to an undesirable result. The apology (according to the statute) cannot later be used against…

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Eastern United States Medical Malpractice Headline

Posted by: Admin on December 25, 2012

Biomet M2a Magnum Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuit Alleges Defective Implant Caused Oregon Woman to Suffer Pain, Undergo Complex and Risky Revision Surgery July 7, 2012 New York, New York – A lawsuit against the M2a Magnum Hip Implant System manufacturer alleges that excessive shedding of Colbalt and Chromium Biomet causes rejection of the device following…

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