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The Growing Dangers of Low-T Replacement Therapy

Posted by: Admin on July 24, 2014

The United States Food and Drug Administration has been expressing concern over treatment for male hypogonadism (low testosterone or “Low T”) for years. In June 2014, the FDA announced that manufactures of medications used for treating Low T were required to include a broader, more general warning of blood clots on their labels.

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The Risks of Low T – Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Drugs. Cleveland, Ohio Attorneys

Posted by: Admin on February 28, 2014

Fatal Side Effects of Low T Therapy Drugs – Testosterone Litigation The prescription sale of testosterone is a big business – nationally reaching $1.6 billion in 2011. The percentage of men 40 and over being treated for what has been termed “Low T Syndrome” has tripled from 2001 to 2011. Recent studies, though, have suggested that ”Low…

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