A recent study released by John Hopkins University lists deaths attributed to medical malpractice as the 3rd highest cause of death in the US.

A recent Cleveland headline stated the number of malpractice victims in the US annually can fill EVERY SEAT of the Cleveland Browns’ stadium 6 times over!

The sad reality is that more individuals die as a result of medical errors than of the diseases and conditions they are seeking treatment for.

It’s Time for a Change

Medical Malpractice DeathsWhile changes in hospital policy, stigmas on reporting errors and preventable measures are being slowly put into place, the fact remains that the medical malpractice instances are a serious threat. Thought to be far under-reported and only a fraction of all medical errors (non fatal errors are also of serious concern) our healthcare system is essentially becoming our greatest threat.

Accurate reporting, policies that promote prevention and tracking, as well as an open discussion about the risks are all a steps in the right direction but far from the ultimate goal. There will always be a human element to medical care, but the problem is undeniable in this country.

Protection and Prevention

Vigilance can have a far reaching impact on any individual’s medical care. As a patient you should be able to trust your medical professional, but unfortunately for over half a million people per year that is just simply not the reality. From fatal mistakes to errors that lead to substantial injury and or extended medical care – patients and their families must be their own advocate.




While these three tips may seem simple, they can go a long way to documenting, detecting and preventing medical errors in the US.

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