New Ohio Law: Move Over 3 Feet for Bicyclists

As of March, 2017, Ohio drivers are now required to provide 3 feet of distance while passing a bicyclist on the roadways.  Bicycle accidents and pedestrian injuries are especially dangerous, and springtime leads to an influx of occurrences with increased outdoor activity.  Protecting yourself or your loved ones on the roadways is critical, and Ohio’s new law aims to provide ample passing space to achieve just that.

For many, bicycling is a recreational activity with a hefty cost associated with it.  Bicycle gear and proper safety equipment doesn’t come with a cheap price tag!  Although sometimes at fault, cyclists are typically vigilant about safety and proper operating procedure – their lives depend on it! Families and casual riders can also enjoy peace of mind with the new Ohio Move Over law. Drivers must provide 3 feet of passing distance and safely clear the bicyclist before returning to the regular driving lane.

Enforcing the Law and Protecting Your Rights

While some cities and municipalities enforce the 3 foot law locally, as a state wide initiative there are more resources to monitor and enforce the rule.  Drivers are legally permitted to safely cross a double yellow line to pass a bicyclist. The distance has been long supported by the League of American Bicyclists and the National Automobile Association.

The group Bike Cleveland has acquired and plans to share a C3FT device which monitors passing vehicles and the distance from the side of the road, or directly from a biker’s position.

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