Ext. Email
David E. Nager 111 [email protected]
Daniel A. Romaine 114 [email protected]
Jerald S. Schneiberg 117 [email protected]
Mark Adams
Michael M. Courtney, of Counsel
James D. Falvey 127 [email protected]
Gerald Horning  141 [email protected]
C. Bradley Howenstein 216 [email protected]
Terry R. Jennrich 204 [email protected]
Erin E. Karski  302 [email protected]
Corey J. Kuzma 122 [email protected]
Jennifer L. Lawther 119 [email protected]
Colter J. McArdle 225 [email protected]
Catherine Twohig Lietzke 148 [email protected]
Anthony Palombo 146 [email protected]
John P. Rogers 112 [email protected]
Vincent D. Scebbi 217 [email protected]
Ildiko Szucs 137 [email protected]
Jason T. Whitehead, II 140 [email protected]
Margaret T. Whitmore 116 [email protected]
James J. Zink 147 [email protected]
Kimberly L. Schneiberg, of Counsel
Mark Twohig, of Counsel

Legal Assistants

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Emma Anderson 304 [email protected]
Ashley Burich 205 [email protected]
Jocelyn Caban 128 [email protected]
Kim Collins 120 [email protected]
Lorna Connell 226 [email protected]
Vanessa DeLeon 136 [email protected]
Kaitlyn Dickard 300 [email protected]
Jennifer B. Dietrich 208 [email protected]
Marshall Ede 224 [email protected]
Angel Fairbanks 210 [email protected]
Alexandria Foose 131 [email protected]
Domenick Furnari 301 [email protected]
Courtney Gatto 121 [email protected]
Hailey Hazlett 223 [email protected]
Laticia Hefflefinger 227 [email protected]
Michael Hirsch 106 [email protected]
David Ianiro 145 [email protected]
Melissa Johnson 134 [email protected]
Brooke Kluttz 303 [email protected]
Sara Leshinsky 209 [email protected]
Kevin McNeill 130 [email protected]
Amber Melreit 129 [email protected]
Sarah  Miller 200 [email protected]
Chae Moon 213 [email protected]
Lakisha Moore 323 [email protected]
Meghan Mormino 221 [email protected]
Rachel Myers 156 [email protected]
Theresa Pauley 144 [email protected]
Karen Roberts 218 [email protected]
Kelly Robinson 123 [email protected]
Sheri Rydzinski 317 [email protected]
Christina Strubbe 115 [email protected]
Summer Sulzer 321 [email protected]
Ashlye Trebejo – Spanish Interpreter 206 [email protected]
Rachel White 320 [email protected]
Lacey Whitfield 212 [email protected]
Anita Young 133 [email protected]

Operations Manager

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Barbara McCoy 138 [email protected]

Operations Administrative Assistant

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Lisa Jenkins 157 [email protected]

Office Manager

Ext. Email
 Melanie Beechuk 215 [email protected]

Intake Department Manager

Ext. Email
Sarah Becony 222 [email protected]

Workers’ Compensation Department Manager

Ext. Email
Pamela Slaven 125 [email protected]


Personal Injury Department Manager

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Maria Gielink 220 [email protected]


Hearings and Training Manager

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Terry D’Anna 135 [email protected]


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Ali Leoson 110 [email protected]

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