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When it comes to pursuing an Ohio workers’ compensation claim, there are three things that, if not done properly, have the potential to greatly disrupt the outcome for the injured workers. Failing to satisfactory perform each of these factors greatly increases the likelihood that a claim will be contested. Not only does this mean your claim might be rejected, it also means that additional time will be required to resolve the issue, delaying your receipt of much-needed compensation.

Reporting the Injury

If you are injured on the job, it is vital that you report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. Oral notification is not sufficient; details about the injury should be communicated to your employer in writing. Even if a worker understands this, it is still common to delay reporting an injury. Sometimes a worker believes that reporting an injury is not necessary because it seems minor and will heal in time. Other times, a worker might worry that he or she will be blamed for causing the accident.

While workers in Ohio have a year to file an injury claim, it is a good idea to alert an employer of the injury immediately. Failing to immediately alert an employer to an injury creates the risk that an injury might not be viewed as work-related. Additionally, the memories of supervisors can become clouded over time, which can weaken the strength of your claim if you wait to report.

Promptly Seek Medical Attention

Some employers in Ohio have on-site medical facilities. If you are injured on the job, you should promptly go there. While you are evaluated, make sure to disclose details about what you were doing, how the accident occurred, and how you were injured. If your employer does not have a medical facility, you should immediately visit an emergency room or an urgent care facility. Your medical report will provide a written record of the severity of your injuries.

Make Sure Your Claim is Filed

If you were injured on the job and plan to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, you should promptly file your claim. Much like employer reporting, Ohio requires that injured workers file a compensation claim within one year of being injured. It is often a better idea, however, to immediately file a claim. While medical facilities will file the claim paperwork for you, it is critical to follow up and make sure that your claim has been filed promptly. The quickest way to file paperwork is to submit a form on the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation’s website. Following the submission of the form, you will be provided with a claim number. If you fail to file a claim on time, you will likely end up being barred from obtaining compensation. 

Contact an Experienced Ohio Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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