Many workers’ compensation cases are cut and dry. A person gets injured at work, they go to the emergency room for a diagnosis and treatment plan, and their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance kicks in. Other cases aren’t so easy. In some cases, an injury, even a debilitating one, may not be clear cut and the employer’s insurance might fight the claim. More complicated cases can certainly require the assistance of a lawyer.

When to Call a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

A workers’ comp lawyer is needed when the insurance company or the employer fight the claim. For example, if you are injured on the job, but aren’t in your main office building, then the workers’ comp insurance might try to say that your injury doesn’t qualify. The same is true if you have a preexisting condition that affects the same part of your body that is injured, or if the injury is bad enough that you are unable to go back to work. You might need an expensive procedure to improve your condition that the insurance company denies. Complicated cases like these can be fought, which is why you need to contact an attorney.

A Workers’ Comp Attorney Will Fight for You

If you were injured at work, your highly experienced workers’ comp attorney at Nager, Romaine & Schneiberg will help you obtain the care and compensation you deserve. Even if you are called in for a simple hearing to settle your case, you should have a lawyer by your side. Otherwise, you may end up settling for an insufficient amount that won’t cover the cost of your medical care and lost wages. Remember, your work injury is not your fault, so you shouldn’t have to suffer physically or financially.
If you are struggling due to a work-related injury, please call our amazing team of Workers’ Compensation attorneys today!