Ohio Winter Weather Worst Roads

Anyone who has spent time in Ohio during the winter knows that the roads can become slippery and treacherous at any moment. Many Ohio drivers can tell stories of setting out on a trip when the weather seemed fine (if a bit chilly) only to have a sudden winter storm blow in, turning the trip into a harrowing and dangerous ordeal.

Sadly, the accidents that can result from the winter weather in Ohio are more than minor fender benders. In addition to the financial burden to repair cars and recoup lost wages, the winter weather in Ohio can frequently turn deadly. In fact, ValuePenguin.com just released a report on the number of highway fatalities by state during the period from 2013 to 2017. Ohio ranked fourth, with 172 deaths.

Ohio’s Deadliest Cities

In an effort to provide as much useful information as possible, the report ranked the top five cities in terms of traffic deaths from winter weather during the 2013 to 2017 period. For Ohio, those cities were:

  1. Columbus (7 deaths)
  2. Akron (4 deaths)
  3. Youngstown (4 deaths)
  4. Austintown (2 deaths)
  5. Cambridge (2 deaths)

While drivers in every city need to take extra precautions when the winter weather arrives, drivers in these cities should be especially cautious. There can be a number of factors contributing to each city’s rankings, including location, highway layout, population density, and more; so suffice it to say, drivers in all Ohio cities should take special care when the snow and sleet begins to fall.

The Highways

For people who frequently travel the highway, the most dangerous highways in Ohio (in terms of deaths from winter weather) are:

  1. I-71 (7 deaths)
  2. I-70 (6 deaths)
  3. I-80 (6 deaths)
  4. CR-67 (3 deaths)
  5. I-76 (3 deaths)

Travelers on these highways should pay special attention to the weather and reconsider travel (when possible) when it appears that winter weather is on its way. Although the Ohio Department of Transportation does what it can to keep roadways safe, there is no substitute for using common sense and good judgment in the face of dangerous winter weather.

If you find it is necessary to venture out during winter weather, plan ahead. Leave early so you can drive more slowly, and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

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