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Ohio Workers’ Compensation Benefits Explained

Posted by: Admin on May 18, 2017

Learn the 8 common types of Worker's Compensation benefits in Ohio and request a no-cost evaluation at Nager, Romaine and Schneiberg. 

A workplace injury can impact your life and the lives of your family members for many years to come, if not indefinitely.  Workers’ Compensation laws were enacted to protect worker’s rights in the event of a work injury. The laws enable you to obtain fair and proper compensation.

Workers’ compensation benefits can cover ongoing medical care and financial expenses.  Listed below are instances where workers’ compensation benefits would be crucial.

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If Your Employer Says You’re an Independent Contractor When it Comes to Workers’ Compensation, You Should Check the Facts.

Posted by: Admin on March 26, 2017

For independent contractors, employers do not pay employment taxes, nor do they withhold federal, state and local taxes from payments made to independent contractors. Additionally, independent contractors are not included in an employer's benefits program, they are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, and they are also exempt from wage and hour and employment discrimination laws.

Why does this matter, you may ask? The circumstances of your work and your relationship with your employer may actually classify you as an employee under the law – and as a result, entitle you to specific employee benefits. Yet your employer may be treating you as an independent contractor, and in doing so, infringing on your rights.

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Worker’s Compensation Trends to Watch in 2017

Posted by: Admin on February 2, 2017

The workers’ compensation (WC) environment continues to grow ever-more complex in 2017. Issues such as prescription drug usage, medical marijuana, aging workers, and current and proposed legal and regulatory changes are making WC rights and claims more difficult for workers to understand and process.

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New Law Gives Ohio Firefighters Access to the Workers’ Compensation and Medical Treatment They Deserve

Posted by: Admin on January 13, 2017

In April 2016, we provided an update on Senate Bill 27, which would create a presumption that firefighters disabled as a result of cancer incurred the cancer while working—and therefore, those firefighters would qualify for workers’ compensation (WC) coverage. We are extremely pleased to report that, on January 4, Ohio became the newest state to offer firefighters this valuable protection.

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ATV/Three-Wheeled Vehicle Accidents Can Cause Injury or Death

Posted by: Admin on October 5, 2016

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are popular recreational vehicles, used and enjoyed by thousands of Americans each year, but they can be extremely dangerous under a variety of circumstances, and when accidents occur, they can cause serious injuries or even death. 

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Farming Accidents Put Agricultural Workers at Risk of Injury or Death

Posted by: Admin on September 22, 2016

No doubt about it: Farm work is tough work. Anyone who has worked on a farm knows all-too-well the intense demands that this work places on them—physical labor, often in dim light or poor weather, repetitive movements for many tasks, and work with and around large and dangerous machinery. Every year, thousands of farm workers are injured and hundreds more die in farming accidents. 

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Road Construction Zone Accidents Put Workers at Risk of Injury or Death

Posted by: Admin on September 15, 2016

This year’s “orange barrel season” here in Northeast Ohio was a busy one. From highways and main thoroughfares to side streets, it seemed like those dreaded barrels appeared at nearly every turn. While road construction can cause delays and headaches for motorists, it’s necessary to keep our infrastructure safe and efficient. Yet road construction-related accidents are an all-too-frequent occurrence. There is one work zone injury every nine minutes—and 160 per day. Tragically, one work zone fatality occurs every eight hours—and three per day.

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Repetitive Stress Injuries Can Put You on the Sidelines

Posted by: Admin on September 6, 2016

Most often, people think of workplace injuries in terms of a single incident – i.e., a trench collapse, a fall from a scaffold or roof, an explosion or another excruciatingly painful, life-altering event. Yet most injuries on the job are the result of repetitive movements that are performed day after day, over and over again, for months or even years.

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Workers injured in trench or excavation-related work may be eligible for compensation

Posted by: Admin on August 16, 2016

Construction workers face a bevy of safety concerns in nearly every aspect of their jobs. For construction workers engaged in trench and excavation work, safety is a paramount concern, given the large number of potential hazards that exist in these volatile and shifting environments. 

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New Court Ruling Opens Door for Lump Sum Payments for Work-Related Loss of Arm or Leg

Posted by: Admin on May 24, 2016

Losing a limb or appendage at work is a horrifying, excruciatingly painful, traumatic and life-changing event. When such a tragic accident occurs, the injured worker is entitled to medical treatment, recovery time and compensation through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). Thanks to a May 12 ruling by the 8th District Court of Appeals, the BWC must begin issuing lump sum payments to injured workers who have lost an arm or a leg in a workplace accident.

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