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Concussions: Return to Play Policy In Youth Sports – Ohio House Bill 143

The State of Ohio has enacted a new law designed to educate the public and protect children who sustain head injuries while competing in youth sports.  The new law will go into effect April 26, 2013 and it specifies that coaches, officials, and referees must complete a 20 minute course every three years designed to assist in the recognition and treatment of concussions sustained by student athletes.  The new law also requires the State of Ohio, Department of Health to create a Concussion Informational Sheet which has been completed.   A copy of this data sheet can be viewed at http://www.oysan.org/Assets/Concussion+2013/Concussion+Info+Sheet.pdf.  Most importantly, Ohio House Bill 143 requires that a player who sustains a concussion must have written permission from a health care provider before the student athlete can return to play.

Much has been learned about concussions in recent years by the medical community.  Much still remains unknown.  By the enactment of  HB 143, the State of Ohio has taken a proactive approach which we at NR&S applaud.

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